1 Super Floor Wash Non Acidic Floor Cleaner
2 Sanito Clean

The New TTC Formula [Thickened Toilet Cleaner]

3 Silver Line Glass Cleaner For Glass & Windows
4 Cool Air Freshner Non Alcoholic Durable Air Freshner
5 Rainbow High Grade Liquid Soap Gentle Hand Wash - Neutral Formula
6 T-Pol / T-Pol X For Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Engineering Units
7 Hexa Clean Strong Disinfectant & Cleaner For Pharma & Hospitals
8 Iodofor Wide Spectrum Disinfectant For Dairy/Pharma
9 Bactol Disinfectant Liquid Soap
10 Ruf & Tuf Special Detergent Gel
11 Spider H.S.D New Kitchen Care Formula
12 Sun Brand High Grade Phenyl Thick Paste Phenyl
13 Milky White Phenyl Perfumed White Phenyl - Mogra
14 Standard Liquid Soap For Hand Wash & General Cleaning
15 Limda Herbal Floor Cleaner Neem Base Herbal Cleaner Formula
16 Super Car Wash Neutral Power Formula
17 Marbolite For Mirror Polished Surfaces & Marbles, Granites etc.
18 Polyclean DGX New Non - Foaming Formula For Floor Cleaning Machines
19 Soft Touch Carpet Shampoo For Carpets, Sofas, Chairs, Curtains, etc.
20 Electro Clean New Cleaning Formula For Computers, Telephones, Printers, FAX Machines, etc.
21 Iodol New General Hygienic Formula For Hospitals/Hotels/Multiplexes For All Purpose
22 Stop Cockroach New Formula For Cockroaches & Mosquitoes
23 Bio Fresh New Bio Fresh Formula For Floors
24 Detox New Hygienic Formula To Kill Germs & Bacteria
25 Exit-100 New Hygienic Formula To Kill Germs & Bacteria
26 Finy New Wooden Polish Furniture Cleaner
27 Zoom Active New Non-Acidic Toilet Cleaner
28 Speciality Chemicals As per Your Cleaning Requirement

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